Dinerbot T8 and T10
Swift Precision: Unleashing Dinerbot T8 & T10 for Interactive and Fast Delivery

Dinerbots T8 and T10, The Pinnacle of Fast and Intelligent Food Delivery

Elevate your dining experience with the unparalleled efficiency of Dinerbots T8 and T10, where speed meets intelligence in food and beverage delivery. T8, a master of swift precision, effortlessly navigates spaces, ensuring your orders reach you with lightning speed. Meanwhile, T10, the embodiment of smart mobility, combines speed and precision to redefine the delivery experience.

Dinerbot t8 & t10

Smart Mobility, Intelligent Service

Dinerbots T8 and T10 introduce the convenience of sound notifications and an intelligent voice package, engaging your senses and transforming the mundane act of delivery into an immersive journey. Discover a new era in food delivery where speed, precision, and intelligence converge with human and robot interaction.

Main Features of Dinerbots T8 and T10

Dinerbot t8 & t10

Application Areas




Nursing home






Car shop

Karaoke bar

Dinerbot T8

T8 parts and specifications

T8 Robot Size:
Net Weight:
Layer Size:

Load Capacity:
20kg (5 kg per layer with bottom layer p to 10kg)
Maximum Speed:
Maximum Slope Angle:
≤ 5°
Battery Capacity:
DC 25.9V 20.8AH
Battery Life:
≥ 13 hours

Light Weight: 55cm width passage ability.

Avoidance: Triple stereo vision, collision bar, and other high-tech sensors.

Smart Charge: Autonomous timed or quantitative charging.

Flexible: Designed to pass through narrow spaces with ease.

Convenient: 300° opening, making it possible to fetch deliveries from every angle.

Dinerbot T8 extra features

  • Voice Interaction: Six microphones for sound collection and noise reduction supplier.
  • Dynamic Emoji: More than 10 emojis related to the status of the delivery task.
  • Navigation & Localization: LiDAR technology makes the robot map quickly and accurately.
  • Lightning design instructions: Tray indicator lights showing the task progress (such as no food detected, customer pick up the wrong plate etc.)
  • Dual-Visual
  • Smart Paths
  • Pickup Reminder
  • Voice Reminder

Dinerbot T10