Butlerbot W3
Smart, autonomous, private deliveries – butlerbot at your service

Excellent guest experience

Enhance Your Guest Experience with Contactless Delivery. We prioritize your privacy, ensuring food safety and confidential delivery through enclosed and waterproof cabins. The sleek metallic colors convey a modern, tech-savvy ambiance, crafting an entirely new hotel experience.

Butlerbot - smart bee robotics

In the age of AI and IoT, robots are poised to revolutionize your hotel experience.

Leveraging a cloud management platform and IoT system, our robots ensure a secure, welcoming, and intelligent delivery service, contributing to the development of a sophisticated hotel ecosystem.

Why choose Butlerbot robot solution


Application Areas






Advantages of Butlerbot



  • Streamlined body design
  • Multiple body color options
  • 90L extra large delivery space
  • 4 independent compartments
  • Full of useful accessories
  • 11.6 inch high HD touch screen
  • 2 nice styles – Gold and Silver



  • 3D smart obstacle avoidance
  • Surprising passing ability
  • Lift IoT + access control IoT and API cooperation
  • Guide customers to make more purchases
  • Interactive Advertising + Navigation
  • Improve hotel brand image force



  • Multi point delivery
  • Fast delivery in 3 minutes
  • Multi delivery notification ways
  • Afford available 24h*7 continuous repetitive work
  • Reduce staff stress and turnover rate



  • Save labor costs
  • Bring extra profit via vending machine with W3
  • Increase hotel OTA reputation


More privacy

When clients need to delivery intimate items, they do not want to be known by strangers.


More security

Clients will feel more safe to open the door in a robot than in a human. 


Smarter delivery

The robot can make a call to the client or connect with a speaker to notify the client.

Parts and specifications

W3 Robot Size:
Net Weight:
Cabin Size:
390x385x300mm, 2 cabins on each layer can be combined into 1 cabin;
Autonomous Opening And Closing Door
Load Capacity:
20kg (10 kg per layer)
Maximum Speed:
Maximum Slope Angle:
≤ 5°
Battery Capacity:
DC 48V 12AH
Battery Life
≥ 9 hours

Autonomous: Fully autonomous navigation and machine learning technologies to plan the best route. (and even take an elevator if needed.)

Safe: Enclosed delivery to ensure food security and privacy.

High Efficiency: The compartments can be switched freely. It can be changed from 2 into 4, and the design can also be adjusted to 2 cabins per level. The clever loading capacity ensures users can easily adjust the cabin capacity according to their needs.

Robot Accessories
  • The industry‘s original embedded cabin, modular design (own patented), multi combinations can be adjusted.
  • Waterproof, leak-proof, beverage stand, separate cabin, compatible exhaust holes
  • Supports freehand detach, easy to clean and take care ,more convenient to use

In the era of AI and IOT, robots will bring you a new delivery experience

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Surprise & warm


Take to the destination reliably

Smart Welcome

Enhance experience


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